It’s Ok to be a Quitter…Sometimes


Today, I’d like to announce that I’m a QUITTER! And I think it’s ok to be a quitter sometimes.  Just let me explain.

  A few days before my 33rd birthday on October 31, I confessed something to my other mother (read: MIL) that I hadn’t yet told anyone.  I told her that even after 2.5 years of not punching a clock at a job that I hated, I still felt that on Sunday evenings, I was supposed to be getting ready for work the next day.  I was still in the mindset that I had to go and sit somewhere at a desk and work on someone else’s plans–advancing their agenda.  It was a feeling I couldn’t shake and I’d be pacing the house feeling like something was missing in the routine.

In that, I realized I was avoiding putting everything I had into my own business. Somehow, mentally, I was still programmed that I had to work for someone.   That I couldn’t cut myself a paycheck from my own hard work.  As a result, I’d taken up a social media management job as well as coaching and selling products for another company.


In the midst of all this, inquiries for my photography business were plummeting.  I was putting little effort and time into it at all because I’d focused my attention on building for two other businesses.  This blog was also suffering from my absence.  That was until about four months ago in conversation with my upline coach.  She said something that could’ve been insignificant were I not paying attention.  But as I’ve grown in my consciousness, I’m aware of life’s gentle nudges and even obvious clues pointing me to my divine path.  This particular clue can be likened to someone snapping their fingers in front of my face to jolt me out of a stupor.


I’d asked her about how to build the business and how she’d gained the success that she did.  She said, “I believe in the product, I’m passionate about it and I make sure to talk to at least 3 people a day.”

Talk to 3 people a day.

Those words rang in my mind for over a week. It even kept me up late one night pondering.

If I follow her advice and talk to three people a day, shouldn’t I be talking to them about MY own business?  What would that mean for my success? Is that all it takes?  If I were to talk to only 3 people a day about Boudoir by Veronica, that would equal 90 people per month.  And if only 10% of them actually booked a session, that would mean 9 sessions a month!  My personal goal is 6 sessions per month so I would be exceeding my goal by 50%!

In the days following, I quit the social media management and the coaching and selling positions and took control of my photography business.  I was going to talk to 3 people a day.  And you know what?  I began to see results that pay.  Confession:  Recently, I did slack off on the talking and my bookings corresponded.  So now, I know I’ve got to pick up the pace and be consistent.  Which also means consistency with Oh Yes, It’s V.

It’s Ok to be a Quitter

The point of this story is that while there’s nothing wrong with working for someone else if you’re passionate about the work.  But if you’re not, it’s also ok to be a quitter if you have a dream to own your own ANYTHING.  You’ve first got to feed the fire for it inside of you.  Then stop being timid and talk to people about what you’ve got going on after you get your business ducks in a row.  Don’t be afraid to quit the distractions in order to build upon your own dreams.  If being an entrepreneur is what you desire, it can be done.  

Dreams do not work unless you do.




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