Veronica X Curvy Girl DC

Alison of Curvy Girl DC and I teamed up to shoot at the “Mirror Mirror” art installation at Alexandria’s Waterfront. Already a beautiful location, “Mirror Mirror” enhanced it’s beauty just a little bit more. The lead artist for this installation was Michael Szivos for SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio. 

The interactive art piece was inspired by the historic lighthouse at Jones Point and according to Szivos, “We were inspired by the architecture of the lighthouse and how it uses a lenticular lens to cast light, panoramically connecting land and sea.”

Alison and I got a chance to collaborate and incorporate the art work as a back drop for and a compliment to our shoot. What I love about Alison’s style is that it’s simple yet eye catching. She knows how to pair classic and statement pieces to create an effortless yet timeless vibe.

Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.

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