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This coming May, it’ll be 2 years since we moved into our new home. When we moved into our town home, although we loved it, we knew it would be a starter home for us. When we went to closing we agreed that we’d have a 5 to 7 year plan to purchase a single family home. After 7 years exactly, we sold our amazing home after just 23 days on the market.

I’d planned to use some of the same paint colors and decor as we did in our townhouse but once we moved in, I felt like that was a lazy approach. We had purchased new furniture for this home so why not freshen up the decor as well? I also didn’t catch the same vibes here as I did with our first home.

Since we’re working with about 2,500 more sq. ft. than we had before, there’s lots decorating to be done. My father gave me what I believe to be the best advice which is, “Focus on one room at a time.” It’s a little easier said than done since you always find random items that would work in a certain area of your home. It can be done though and I decided to start at the front door–the entryway–and work my way back.

For the entryway, I wanted it to be pretty and inviting and so far, I think it’s coming along pretty nicely.

Some things I plan to add later are:

  1. Replacing the pot lights with pendants lights
  2. Wall Art
  3. Decor for the table (a vase, florals, statue of some sort, etc.)
  4. Sponging or silver-leafing the tray ceiling (haven’t decided which yet.)



Plant Pot

Plant Stand

Wall Plaques

Table – Wayfair (DISCONTINUED)

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