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Pour a glass of wine and settle in as you explore client images and their personal accounts of their intimate portrait experience at our Maryland Boudoir Studio. These are the stories behind the women.


Affirmations are positive statements repeated to oneself with the intention of influencing one’s thoughts and behaviors. Accordingly, affirmations are used as a tool for self-improvement, personal development and manifestation and are typically framed in a way that reflects a desired state or outcome. The idea behind using affirmations is based on the belief that our […]

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5 Deserving Affirmations

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I remember having an intense conversation with a guy I was dating. There I was at work, in my cubicle, arguing with this young man about lies he had told and when. I’m sure my coworkers got their fill of tea that morning and at some point I heard myself say to him, “I deserve […]

You Deserve Better

Alison of Curvy Girl DC and I teamed up to shoot at the “Mirror Mirror” art installation at Alexandria’s Waterfront. Already a beautiful location, “Mirror Mirror” enhanced it’s beauty just a little bit more. The lead artist for this installation was Michael Szivos for SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio.  The interactive art piece was […]


Veronica X Curvy Girl DC


Oh Veronica, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  Before I begin, please know that you will see this lipstick often.  I’m so in love with it and not just for my namesake–this liquid lipstick is the bomb-dot-com. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Veronica Veronica is a liquid lipstick shade by Anastasia Beverly […]

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Veronica