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Pour a glass of wine and settle in as you explore client images and their personal accounts of their intimate portrait experience at our Maryland Boudoir Studio. These are the stories behind the women.


I remember having an intense conversation with a guy I was dating. There I was at work, in my cubicle, arguing with this young man about lies he had told and when. I’m sure my coworkers got their fill of tea that morning and at some point I heard myself say to him, “I deserve […]

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You Deserve Better


Wow! Well, that was one hell of a hiatus, aye? I’ve wanted so much to come back to blogging, sharing my thoughts and life lessons, my recent skincare/haircare buys but not only did I feel like I couldn’t find the time but I couldn’t find the words. Everything had left me. And when I would […]

Let’s Start Fresh

I shared some of this on my instagram and had it in mind to go further with a blog post: The true “pursuit” of happiness is searching for and finding it within. Choose happiness, receive joy. When I was 18 years old, blogging was very new.  With an affinity to writing, I readily embraced this new way of journaling.   […]


The True Pursuit of Happiness


Today, I’d like to announce that I’m a QUITTER! And I think it’s ok to be a quitter sometimes.  Just let me explain.   A few days before my 33rd birthday on October 31, I confessed something to my other mother (read: MIL) that I hadn’t yet told anyone.  I told her that even after 2.5 years […]

It’s Ok to be a Quitter…Sometimes